Helping you be seen, heard and recognised at work. 

Go from stressed out, overwhelmed and constantly overthinking everything, to feeling at ease and in control.

Get ahead in your career, and live the life of your dreams.

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Be seen, heard and recognised at work. Get promoted, get a new job or change career.

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Feel excited about the future. Wake up happy to go to work. Stop snoozing the alarm clock.



the results you're going to get:

Improve your relationships. Feel less stressed and anxious and overall more fulfilled with life.


Trust in your decisions and get more done in less time because you spend less time worrying.


Feel like YOU again. Know your worth. Feel confident and in control.


Every consequence has a cause.

How you’re feeling, your consequential habits and behaviours, they can all be linked back to a root cause.

That’s what makes me different. I don’t just help you with the symptoms of self-sabotage, but I also help you overcome what caused it in the first place. Because for every consequence, there is always a cause.

When you identify the cause and overcome what’s happened to you, your fears, doubts and insecurities lose their power. You gain your power back. You can go back to being YOU.

And here’s the truth. The problem is NOT you. The problem is what happened to you.

You feel worthless.

You feel like a failure.

You think nobody understands. But I do. I’ve been there, and I get it.

Your low self-esteem is seeping into your personal life. You struggle to set boundaries, and you don’t enjoy doing the things you used to. You feel guilty putting yourself first because you think that means you must be lazy. Instead, you work overtime and put extra hours into your work to try and compensate for your perception that you are doing a lousy job. But no matter how hard you work, that feeling that you’re just not good enough never leaves you.

You are tired. You feel overwhelmed in terms of workload and underwhelmed in terms of job satisfaction. You feel stuck, and on reflection, you’re angry and annoyed at yourself for “letting this happen”, and you think you should be able to “just get over it”, but you can’t; it’s not that easy.

You're constantly comparing yourself to others thinking everyone else is better than you. You’re watching others get promoted above you, and you’re thinking, “what about me”.

 You take criticism personally. You second guess what people might be thinking or saying about you. You ruminate over any mistakes you make. You struggle to accept praise, and no matter how much you achieve, you always feel like you should be doing more.

On the outside, you appear confident. Friends and family describe you as successful, but inside, you feel like you are going crazy. You mask it very well, but the truth be told, these persistent self-doubts, overthinking, low self-esteem, and chronic worrying has crippled you for years.

Anxiety is a constant battle. You overthink everything. You are your own worst critic.

You think the problem is YOU.
You are not where you want to be in your career and you think it means there must be something wrong with you.


I'm Tanya Sturges, The Self-Sabotage Coach.

I'm the world's only self-sabotage coach, specialising in workplace trauma.

Workplace trauma is a thing, and it’s only recently starting to be recognised as such.

Whether it be a disciplinary at work, dismissal, redundancy, toxic boss, discrimination or workplace bullying, all of these experiences have the potential to be traumatic.

What happens to us at work can significantly impact our mental and emotional state. You can’t just “get over it”.

Traumatic experiences shape our beliefs and feed into our fears, doubts and insecurities. And it’s these fears, doubts and insecurities that cause us to go into self-sabotage mode. It's not deliberate, it’s a subconscious form of self-protection.

When we work together, I’ll help you ditch the self-sabotage and go from stressed out, overwhelmed and constantly overthinking everything to feeling at ease and in control.